Wednesday, January 30


Well I've reorganized my stash and I have a Whopping 42 (correction 43) containers of yarn!!! The majority of the containers are 10gal or larger. and here is what they contain!

I have numbered each tote and I've written the contents down I'll have to re-adjust again I'm sure but the numbers on the totes will stay the same, just the contents will change.

  1. Luster-Sheen
  2. Pompadour
  3. Bernat Baby Coordinates
  4. No Boundaries
  5. White
  6. Off-White / Natural
  7. Blue
  8. No Boundaries
  9. Eyelash & Funfur
  10. Novelty
  11. Ombre
  12. Ombre
  13. Rug Yarn
  14. Chunky
  15. Plush & Chenille
  16. Bernat Sweety
  17. Dazzle-Aire
  18. Soft Yarns (Simply Soft, Red Heart Soft, Soft Creations)
  19. Sport / Fingering Weight
  20. Sport / Fingering Weight
  21. Baby Clouds / Light Lofty / Bright Lofty / Terry
  22. Cotton (Lily & Peaches n Cream)
  23. Pastels
  24. Black
  25. Gray
  26. Red
  27. Pink 27.5 Pink
  28. Brown 28.5 Brown
  29. Green
  30. Gold
  31. Yellow
  32. Orange
  33. Red, Orange & Yellow Thread (Wound into center pull cakes)
  34. Purple, Blue & Green Thread (Wound into center pull cakes)
  35. Ombre Thread (Wound into center pull cakes)
  36. Neutral Thread (Wound into center pull cakes)
  37. Miscellaneous Thread (Wound into center pull cakes)
  38. Miscellaneous Thread
  39. Miscellaneous Thread
  40. Miscellaneous Thread & Size 3
  41. Green & White Wool
  42. 3 ply multi colored yarn
  43. Purple

I plan on winding the rest of the thread in totes 38-40 some day!

D. A. V. Thrift Store Find

I went to the D.A.V. Thrift store today when I went to town and I got 44 crochet & Plastic Canvas Leaflets - I'll get some pictures posted as soon as I get around to sorting them! I was just so excited I had to post!

Monday, January 21

FO: Flannelghan

I finished the flannelghan I've been wanting to make since I finished the Sherbert flannelghan last year.
I used RH Super Saver Yarn in Claret (r) and Light Sage (g) I ended up using 4 and a partial of each color. I love the way it turned out. The edging is sc one row of gg, gr, rr

Leave comments on how you think it looks, I'd love to hear them.

Monday, January 14

OT: Movies

I just thought it would be fun to post the movies I watch and what I thought of them.

Death Sentence - Really a good movie if you like the shoot em up kill em dead type o movies (I do sometimes) Has Kevin Bacon in it, which was a pretty good role for him.

Sunshine - An interesting movie to say the least - You have to watch it to know what I'm talking about. Has Cillian Murphy from "Red Eye" and Chris Evans from "Fantastic Four"

On another note I am attempting to stash bust for the Stash-Busting CAL at the Ville. SO far I am at +4 which is pretty good for me. I have not bought any yarn at all this year, doing good 2 weeks in.

Monday, January 7

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