Wednesday, February 28

Crochet Library

I don't know what got into me but I decided to go through all of my Crochet Pattern Leaflets, Books and Magazines and put them into a spreadsheet! Turns out I only had a few duplicates!

Here's a link in case anyone is interested! - Link

I've only got a few! Lol! and I've got some more on the way from AA!

I'm thinking I'll eventually put pictures of each one up soon!

Wednesday, February 21

Saturday, February 17

WIP: Crochetville: Lumber Jack Flannel Crochet Along

I've decided to do another Crochet Along at Crochetville Personalize this Pattern CAL - Lumberjack Flannel

I've decided to make this in Burgundy & Light Sage to match my sofa (burgundy) and Recliner (light sage), I am going to start this when I finish my Starghan!

2-17: Well I've decided that I am going to do this as a Baby Afghan! I'm using Peach Baby Yarn and Baby Green! Reminds me of Sherbert!

This goes pretty fast, I've already got 1 strip and part of another done! Weeee!

2-19: I'm almost through with the 3rd strip, I should be done with it today.

Friday, February 16

FO: Starghan

I've done it! It's complete 58" wide by 49" tall!
I've only got a small amount of each color of yarn left. All I've got left to do is weave in my ends!

Sunday, February 11

Yarn - So much for Stash-Busting!

Yarn Bee Soft Delight (regularly $5.84 each and they were on sale for $0.99) in White (9 skeins=18 points) & Black (4 Skeins=8 points)

Yarn Bee Wild Child in Blue Blaze, Chambray & Midnight (2 skeins each=12 points)

Miscellaneous Hobby Lobby Clearance Yarn (4 skeins=8 points)

I also went to Dollar Tree: They had their skeins of Novelty Yarn there for $1 a skein of course (17 skeins=34 points)

Saturday, February 10

Progress: Starghan

2-7:Here's what I've got done so far on the Starghan! I'm on Row 10 I've decided to do 3 rows of each color! I also had to frog a couple of times, I didn't like the way the joining of the rounds looked. You can't really tell, but I'm really particular about the way my work looks.

I hate the way artificial light makes the colors of my yarn look!

2-10: I've started on row 22 of my Starghan I've used almost an entire skein of Turqua (it's been rolled into a very small ball) and I'm sure when I am done with the Next 3 rounds of Real Teal I'll be down to a small ball.

I plan on using up another 2 skeins of yarn (1 Turqua & 1 Real Teal) on this, so we'll see how big it turns out to be!

Tuesday, February 6

Crochetville: Starghan Crochet-Along

I've decided that I am going to do the Starghan Crochet-Along at Crochetville

I've decided to use Red Heart Super Saver in the Colors Real Teal (L) & Turqua (R)
When I finish this Starghan I should get 8 Stashbuster Points! :)

Sunday, February 4

FO's: Q-Hook Rug & Heart Doily

I've finally finished the heart doily I've been working on off and on for the past month

It's 12"x18" I used a Size 8 steel hook and Luster Sheen in Ruby

I've also made a Q-Hook Rug in all sorts of colors of Rug Yarn It is 33 1/2"w x 17"h