Friday, March 23

Cali - the Prego Kitty!

Just wanted to post a few pictures of my Pretty "Cali"-co Kitty - She's gonna have BABIES!!! Yay!!!

Thursday, March 22

FO: 2-Strand Purpleghan

Well I've done it I finished my 2-Strand Purpleghan - It took me NINE DAYS! That's really not too long! :) I had a lot of fun making it! - Check it out here! I've just gotta weave those darn ends in!

My afghans always seem to have Feet! lol

Covers up the Hubby in his Favorite Chair!

Nikolas just had to be in a Picture too!!!

Close up of the Color Pattern

Sunday, March 18

WIP: 2-Strand Purpleghan

3-13: I've decided to bust some stash - I've got 24 ounces of each color: Lilac, Lavender, and Amethyst Red Heart Super Savers. I'm doing rows of 124 HDC, with 2 strands (of course).

Color Pattern:
3 rows Lilac
1 row Lilac/Lavender
3 rows Lavender
1 row Lavender/Amethyst
3 rows Amethyst
1 row Amethyst/Lilac

I'm on the 3rd pattern repeat (not too shabby for 2 Days)

3-16: I am almost through with 2 skeins of each color (+12 stash busting points)

3-18: Here's A New Picture! I'm on the 7th Pattern Repeat! I was thinking this was going to be a Horizontal Afghan But I have to say I like the Vertical Stripes!!! When I hold it Vertically it is a little taller than I am at 5'6".

Check out the finished product here!

Saturday, March 10

WIP: Ripe Wheat Doily

I've decided I need to start a Doily!

I acquired a slew of Size 20 Ecru? Crochet Thread at a Thrift store a couple of months ago and I decided I should use some of it.

I've decided to make a "Ripe Wheat" Doily ( I figure it's only fitting since I live in KS, we have a Lot of WHEAT Around!) from a Vintage Coats & Clark's Doilies Booklet "Doilies in the Modern Manner"
I am on the 7th Round out of 18

Thursday, March 8

FO: Green Starghan!

Well here it is! I finished my Mom's Green Starghan - Turned out to be 69" point to point x 56" valley to point (if that makes any sense). I only had enough green to do 24 rows If I would have stayed in the pattern I would've needed to do 2 more rows of Green/Green - I think it looks great the way it is! I'm sure my Mom will love it! - All I've left to do is weave in the ends (yippee)

Hubby Holding Afghan! (it's almost big enough for him!)

Such a Helpy-Helper!!!

Laid out on our Queen size bed - I had to stand on a step stool and I still couldn't get the whole thing in the picture!

Wednesday, March 7

WIP: Green Starghan

2-19: I've started another Starghan, this time in Paddy Green and Eggshell, it's for my Mom! She knows I'm making it so I'll go ahead and post pictures!

I'm already on row 11 I'm lovin' the way it looks so far, I'm using 2 strands WW yarn and an "N" hook

Update 3-7: I'm on Row 23 and still going strong, I've gone through about 5 Smaller skeins of Eggshell and I'm working on the 3rd bigger skein of paddy green! I just found a 1 pounder of Eggshell and I plan on finishing the Last Skein of Paddy green and I'll be through! Don't know how far I'll get! I'll post a new picture tomorrow!

Monday, March 5

Update: Sherbert Flannelghan

3-4: I've been working on this the past couple of days!

I've sc around each strip and I am joining each strip with ss. There will be a wrong and a right side but that's okay!

I am done joining all 5 strips and I am sc all the way around with Peach and I will be doing a Ruffle with the Baby Green (3 dc in each sc)

I'll be sure to post a picture when I am done!

3-5: Well I've completed the Flannel-ghan and I have to say that I think it is adorable! I did end up adding a ruffled edging, looks "girl-y" but I think it would work for a boy as well!