Tuesday, November 28

WIP: Step-Dad's Soccer Ball

11-28-06: I've decided today that I want to make my Step-Dad a Soccer Ball Wall Hanging I've used Red for the Main Color and Black and White for the Ball! I've decided to use this pattern. I will probably have to outline in black because the lines are kind of messy! I ended up having to go back forth on the pattern in a worm like motion! Kind of confusing but I've made it work :)

Here is my progress so far! (3 hours work)

11-30-06: I'm half way done (with the front) I've decided to go ahead and make it a Pillow! :) I think it will be really cool! I can definitely tell it is a Soccer Ball :)

I've been working on the Soccer Ball Pillow for my SD and I am on Row 68 (out of 80) on the front. Then All I need to do is complete the Back and embroider "Chivas" on it :)
12-11-06: I've completed the soccer ball front of my SD's pillow and here is the picture. I think I've got a few more rows of red left on the top!
I will keep you posted on the progress

Monday, November 27

FO: Family Christmas Stockings

I'm so happy I finally did these they are so cute!

I made my son a Red/White one, my hubby a Blue/White one and I made myself a Yellow/Turquoise one. I Embroidered our names on the cuff!


Here are a few of the Projects I have completed over the Past Year!

Turquoise Handbag I made for myself (it's my FAVORITE COLOR!)

Butterfly Capelet (Size 2-3 years)

Handbag I made for my mother (made myself a coin purse)

Purse I made for my Step-Mother for Christmas last year

Thread Crochet Bikini (Needs Lined)

Will be sure to post more when I get a chance!

Sunday, November 26

Crochetville CAL

I'm involved in a CAL at Crochetville for the BICO (Baby It's Cold Outside) Sweater - I'm planning on using a color called "Soft Blue" "puff" yarn by RedHeart (it's almost like Dazzleaire, really soft and fuzzy) I will trim it in an Off White I think, we'll see how it looks. - 7:04 a.m.

Here's my progress so far! - 10:08 a.m.

Not to shabby for 3 hours! :)

Will probably finish when I get off of work at 2 p.m.

Well Here it is Completed!

I think it took longer for me to decide on how to do the flower than it did to make the sweater! - 8:19 p.m.

Saturday, November 25

Crochet Exchanges

I'm involved in Two Christmas Crochet Exchanges right now, 1 for my eBay Group Crochet Club and 1 in my Yahoo! Group Luxury_Crochet

I love to crochet for other people as well as myself! I love the comments "Did you make that?" "Oooo, that's cute, where'd you get it?" Makes me feel good.

I will be sure to post pictures after the items have been shipped!

Here is the Stocking I sent to my Partner at the Crochet Club for the Stocking Exchange:

Stocking, Socks, Snowman w/Sugar free Chocolate Turtles, Crocheted Doily, Cotton Scented Candle

Here's the Stocking I received:

Stocking, Knitted Socks, Address Book and Pen, Christmas Card, 2 Crochet Pattern Leaflets

Here is the Stocking I sent to my Partner at Luxury Crochet for the Christmas Exchange:

Giant Stocking :), Socks, Snowman w/Andes Peppermint Crunch? candies, Pure Cotton Scented Candle, Pot Holder

Here's what I recieved:

American Flag Apron, Blown glass angel ornament, Santa Sleigh porcelain candy dish, Stitch Markers, Cranberry Vanilla Lotion, BEAUTIFUL Crocheted Angel Tree Topper

FO: Ripple Baby Cape

Ripple Baby Cape:
I guess I just got bored, I started this in April and I finally finished it on Thanksgiving Day! I was hoping to sell it and the Matching Blanket I've made on eBay.
Let me know what you think

Thursday, November 23


Dear Readers,
I've been working on the
Ripple Baby Cape, I finished the Green Rows and I have started on the Pink rows, I only have a few rows to go. Hope to get some work done today we are traveling to Dodge City for THANKSGIVING (supposed to be 60 degrees) it takes about 1.5 hours to get there - should be enough time to complete it. I've got my fingers crossed. I should probably take a little project with me just in case I do get it done.

My next task will be to get my afghan done. Will probably start on that on Saturday! I'll keep you posted!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving,

Sunday, November 19

WIP: Granny Square Afghan

11-19-06: I've Started a Few Projects and haven't seemed to be able to finish them, I don't know if I just got bored or I got aggrivated and couldn't finish.
Here they are I would love to finish them, maybe someone can give me some words of encouragement!

Granny Square Afghan:

I need some help combining the squares, not sure exactly how to weave them together, I want a smoooooth surface no bumps, if that makes sense.

12-1-06:I decided I am just going to continue to make the Middle Granny Square Bigger instead of adding the Smaller squares around the outside Instead I Donated the Squares to Tiga at CrochetVille. Hopefully she'll have some use for them in her Comfortghans! I mailed the 16 of them off this afternoon!