Friday, February 13


Well, holy geez a lot has happened in the last 9 Months! I cannot believe it has been that long since I have posted!
  1. I took over as Working Partner at my Sonic Drive-in!
  2. I am in the process of getting a divorce from my husband!
  3. I now have a Live-in girlfriend, yes I did say girlfriend, I can't deny the fact any more that I am gay.
  4. I moved into a town house apartment, believe my my 40 totes of yarn don't fit all that well, but I am going to make it work!

Nobody ever reads this blog I am sure, so it is probably pointless to post this on here but I figured I would post an update since it has been almost 9 months.

I am hoping to go through my stash of Yarn, Books, Hooks and Notions and get some things listed on eBay, but with working 50+ hours a week, having a girlfriend and trying to get my husband to let me see my son, its a bit much.

I love comments so if any one reads this leave me a message/comment!