Sunday, June 14

Update, Again!

Well it has been another 4 months since I have posted.

I was officially Divorced March 18, 2009.

I lost my job at Sonic on April 7, 2009. The day After my 28th Birthday. The came in and told me they were buying out my 23% of the store and I couldn't work there anymore. I worked for this Sonic for 6 years straight, and now My Girlfriend isn't even allowed on the lot. I won't spend any money there since they told her she had to leave and they couldn't serve her.

I Started working at my new job at Shell 4 Weeks ago. It's not too bad of a job, we are under new management already, since the Manager and Assistant Manager walked out last Monday! The new Manager is nice though, seems to really care about the store and always makes sure we have product on our shelves!

Nikolas will turn 8 years old in 4 Days! June 18, 2009! He will be in Florida with his Grandma and Papa. His Papa's daughter is getting married and he is tagging along. Vacation for him.
Nikolas has been taking Swimming lessons and doing GREAT!!! He can actually put his face under water completely, without holding his nose, and he can even open his eyes. (I can't even do that)

Thank you to the readers that actually read this! I appreciate the comments! Have a great Summer and I will update again in a couple of months if not sooner!