Monday, March 31


I discovered 3 more totes of yarn this evening!
One of the totes had a bunch of Miscellaneous Yarn that I know I will never use so I donated it to the 2nd Chance Shop (Humane Society here in Kingman runs a shop and takes donations, whatever they sell is donated to Help the animals!) I earned 53 Stash-busting points!

I now have a total of 44 totes of yarn I need to get some new pictures taken, I re-re-organized them in numerical order. Here is a link to the original post on my stash.

Tote 32 is now empty
Tote 44 contains Orange Yarn
Tote 45 Contains additional Pink Yarn

Monday, March 3

H's KU Afghan Finished!!!

I want to keep track of how I am doing on my friend's KU Afghan

2-6-08 - 6 Rows Completed
2-13-08 - 15 Rows Completed (I've been busy with other things and I've been slacking)
2-16-08 - 17 Rows Completed
2-24-08 - 25 Rows Completed
3-25-08 - 40 Rows Completed
3-26-08 - 46 Rows Completed
3-28-08 - 50 Rows Completed
3-30-08 - Afghan Completed!

Here are the pictures!