Tuesday, December 25

Edgery Doo & Baskets Too!

I received my Edgery Doo for Christmas today from my Mom. I can't wait to use it but I'll have to wait until I have more time.


I got the Coolest Hanging baskets for my kitchen. They purchased the 3 Baskets from Hobby Lobby and my Dad attached the Chains so I could hang them!!!

don't mind the Dishwasher Utensil basket, I was unloading my Dishwasher and got so excited I just had to post a picture!

Monday, December 17

Share a Square

I think this is a Fantastic idea and I really want to help out. This Link to This Eclectic Life shares all the details and the Pattern for the squares. As soon as I finish my scarf for Amy I will start making some squares.

Fabulous Fringed Scarf

I started this Fabulous Fringed Scarf this afternoon and I am about 45% of the way done already - It is going pretty fast. I am using Lion Brand Trellis Yarn Rainbow Colorway (Pattern is for Caron Brand Fabulous Yarn) the starting chain used a K Hook and The rest is crocheted with a J.

I always seem to modify patterns to my liking - I think the pattern says to Crochet 102 for the starting chain I think I might have added an additional 20 chains to the starting. I didn't really count and I really don't think you necessarily have to anyways, I will make it as long as I want and as wide as I want. I will only be adding fringe to the ends not along the sides.

This is for my Manager's Girlfriend for Christmas, she is such a nice girl and I thought she would enjoy something hand-made. He already bought one of my coin purses for her for Valentine's day this year so I think she will enjoy the Scarf!

Tuesday, December 11

Library Thing

I've been a member of Library Thing for One Week now and I think it's the coolest! I've already added over 300 of my Crochet Books/Leaflets to my Library! I even decided to become a Lifetime Member because My Crochet Library is always expanding and I have so many shelves in my actual Library at home to fill up!!!

Update: Christmas Cards!

I've received so many cards - 18 Cards so far, from the Crochet Club on eBay and My Fellow Villagers at Crochetville! I couldn't ask for better Crochet-Friends!!!

Sunday, December 2

Saturday, December 1

Christmas Cards

I have Received 4 Christmas Cards so far this year from my fellow Crocheters in the Crochet Club on eBay! I was just soo excited I had to share!

Sunday, November 25

Christmas Presents

11-25:I am making a few Coin Purses for co-workers at Sonic and I thought I would post them on here when I was finished.
11-29:I am using snaps on the flaps instead of buttons on these! I'll see how they work out, if the ladies like them then Great, If not I'll go back to buttons.

This one is for D she loves the Broncos so I made hers using Orange and Blue Eyelash Yarn (One strand of each

This one is for J she loves black and red so I made hers with Fun Fur in Black and Red (one strand of each)

This is the latest one I am working on it is for S it is a Multi-Purple and Black (one strand of each of course)

Thursday, November 22


I'm off to Dodge City to see my Dad, Brother, Step-Mom, Step-Sisters, Niece & Nephews.

I'll be sure to bring my camera so I can post some pics.

Wednesday, November 21

WIP: Snowflake Ornaments

I have a progress bar over to the right so I figured I would post a picture of the Ornaments I have done so far. I have 28 Completed out of the 99 in the book. I was thinking I would make all of the ornaments but I'm not quite sure if I will. There are some that are very intricate with beading and some multi-dimensional and I'm not quite sure if I will make those. I need to go through the pattern book and decide!

Anyways here is the picture of the Snowflakes

I used regular spray laundry starch to stiffen these snowflakes. I think they turned out great!
I will definitely post a picture as I get more finished and put on my tree!


I thought it would be fun to post a few pictures of my stash in my new house. The majority of it is in the basement.

Stackable Baskets on the North West Wall with Knitting Machine Yarn. I do not know how to use my knitting machine yet, but someday I will learn!

Adjustable Shelves on the South Wall hold my smaller totes with Satin Ribbon, Curling Ribbon, and other Miscellaneous Craft Items

38 Totes, Some Boxes and Ziploc Big Bags on the South West Wall Hold my Yarn & Crochet Thread, Smaller totes on the Card Tables hold Crochet Thread

The rest of the totes and boxes

Boxes hold my Latch Hook Supplies, Tulle, and Numerous Doll Parts

Upstairs in the room attached to my Bedroom is my Sewing/Craft Room - Lots of light with 5 windows 2 on the South East Wall and 3 on the South Wall!
South East Wall
South Wall

Friday, August 24

Baby Kitties

Just wanted to post on here that my Kitty Cali had more baby kitties on August 24, 2007 - 2 females and 1 male.

Saturday, June 9

Sand Art

I went to an auction recently with my Mother and she had purchased an enormous lot of Vintage Avon Bottles. I am planning on purchasing a new home soon and the theme for my bathrooms is going to be Under the Sea. I happened to see 3 seahorse Avon bottles (2 Big and 1 small), 1 Snail, 1 small dolphin and a Shell. I had an idea! I could empty out the bottles and Fill them up with colored sand, to put in my bathrooms on shelves! So this is what I've got so far!

I purchased the sand at Hobby Lobby in Green, Blue, White, Black and Purple! I'll be making others soon and I will post pictures!

Wednesday, May 23

FO: Star Afghan from Geometrics

I just completed my version of the Star Afghan from "geometrics a new way to crochet" I started this baby Afghan on 5-13? I forgot to post it in my blog. I used Bernat Baby Coordinates in Daisy Yellow, Blue Bon Bon and White

This is for a Baby Boy due June 17th - I really hope his mommy likes it!

Wednesday, April 25

Update: Cali's Kitties!

Well my Mama kitty brought me a surprise yesterday, HER BABIES! I am pretty sure they were born around the 6th of April (which just happens to be my birthday) There are 3 Females and 1 Male - They have their eyes open!

Don't mind the mess, they are in the garage, it has a dirt floor!

Female - Calico - CJ (short for Cali Junior)

Female - Black and White

Female - Brown/Black Calico

Male - Black and White

Update: Bubbles Baby Blanket

Well as I had hoped I finished the blanket the next day (23rd), I've just now had a chance to post an update! I still need to weave in the ends but that shouldn't be too hard! I used 1 skein plus a partial skein of each color. It measures 28" Wide x 31.5" Long.

I think it would make a good carrier cover or Stroller blankie. Just the right size for a bassinet.

I would like to make another baby blanket (maybe not necessarily the same style) in yellow and blue, or yellow and green. We Will see!

Sunday, April 22

Bubbles Baby Blanket

I've started a Bubbles Baby Blanket with the Bernat Baby Coordinates I got off of Amazon.com. I'm using the Pink and Purple and an N Hook. It's going pretty fast and it's soooo soft and very pretty!

Hopefully I can finish it today or tomorrow.

Monday, April 9


3-19: I started my 3SUB (3-Strand Ugly Blanket) yesterday and I used 51 Balls already!

I started with a Full tote of yarn I've used 1/4 of it!

4-4: I am on row 59, my 3SUB is 78" Tall by 43" Wide- I've got a little more than a 1/4 left in my Tote of Yarn! I Do not think I will be able to finish this afghan with the scraps in this tote, I'm sure I can find more scrap balls though! I will Be sure to keep you posted!

Entire Afghan, it is Definitely Unique

Close Up of Afghan

A Little over 1/4 of a Tote Left! Gettin' Down to the Nitty Gritty! The Scrap Balls I've been using are definitely Bigger than what I started with!

4-9: Well I ended up going to my Shed and getting More Scrap Yarn for my 3SUB (I was down to about 25 balls or so) I finished the afghan with 93 rows! I can't seem to find a tape measure so I'll measure it some other time! It fits accross my Queen Size Bed Great! I think I am now going to make a Pillow Sham to match!

3 Weeks for a Queen Size Afghan Not Too Shabby!

Friday, April 6

Happy Birthday to ME!!!

I got my Amazon Yarn today and I went to the Local Second Hand Shop and I got a Bunch of Crochet Thread!

Friday, March 23

Cali - the Prego Kitty!

Just wanted to post a few pictures of my Pretty "Cali"-co Kitty - She's gonna have BABIES!!! Yay!!!

Thursday, March 22

FO: 2-Strand Purpleghan

Well I've done it I finished my 2-Strand Purpleghan - It took me NINE DAYS! That's really not too long! :) I had a lot of fun making it! - Check it out here! I've just gotta weave those darn ends in!

My afghans always seem to have Feet! lol

Covers up the Hubby in his Favorite Chair!

Nikolas just had to be in a Picture too!!!

Close up of the Color Pattern

Sunday, March 18

WIP: 2-Strand Purpleghan

3-13: I've decided to bust some stash - I've got 24 ounces of each color: Lilac, Lavender, and Amethyst Red Heart Super Savers. I'm doing rows of 124 HDC, with 2 strands (of course).

Color Pattern:
3 rows Lilac
1 row Lilac/Lavender
3 rows Lavender
1 row Lavender/Amethyst
3 rows Amethyst
1 row Amethyst/Lilac

I'm on the 3rd pattern repeat (not too shabby for 2 Days)

3-16: I am almost through with 2 skeins of each color (+12 stash busting points)

3-18: Here's A New Picture! I'm on the 7th Pattern Repeat! I was thinking this was going to be a Horizontal Afghan But I have to say I like the Vertical Stripes!!! When I hold it Vertically it is a little taller than I am at 5'6".

Check out the finished product here!