Sunday, November 25

Christmas Presents

11-25:I am making a few Coin Purses for co-workers at Sonic and I thought I would post them on here when I was finished.
11-29:I am using snaps on the flaps instead of buttons on these! I'll see how they work out, if the ladies like them then Great, If not I'll go back to buttons.

This one is for D she loves the Broncos so I made hers using Orange and Blue Eyelash Yarn (One strand of each

This one is for J she loves black and red so I made hers with Fun Fur in Black and Red (one strand of each)

This is the latest one I am working on it is for S it is a Multi-Purple and Black (one strand of each of course)

Thursday, November 22


I'm off to Dodge City to see my Dad, Brother, Step-Mom, Step-Sisters, Niece & Nephews.

I'll be sure to bring my camera so I can post some pics.

Wednesday, November 21

WIP: Snowflake Ornaments

I have a progress bar over to the right so I figured I would post a picture of the Ornaments I have done so far. I have 28 Completed out of the 99 in the book. I was thinking I would make all of the ornaments but I'm not quite sure if I will. There are some that are very intricate with beading and some multi-dimensional and I'm not quite sure if I will make those. I need to go through the pattern book and decide!

Anyways here is the picture of the Snowflakes

I used regular spray laundry starch to stiffen these snowflakes. I think they turned out great!
I will definitely post a picture as I get more finished and put on my tree!


I thought it would be fun to post a few pictures of my stash in my new house. The majority of it is in the basement.

Stackable Baskets on the North West Wall with Knitting Machine Yarn. I do not know how to use my knitting machine yet, but someday I will learn!

Adjustable Shelves on the South Wall hold my smaller totes with Satin Ribbon, Curling Ribbon, and other Miscellaneous Craft Items

38 Totes, Some Boxes and Ziploc Big Bags on the South West Wall Hold my Yarn & Crochet Thread, Smaller totes on the Card Tables hold Crochet Thread

The rest of the totes and boxes

Boxes hold my Latch Hook Supplies, Tulle, and Numerous Doll Parts

Upstairs in the room attached to my Bedroom is my Sewing/Craft Room - Lots of light with 5 windows 2 on the South East Wall and 3 on the South Wall!
South East Wall
South Wall