Tuesday, December 25

Edgery Doo & Baskets Too!

I received my Edgery Doo for Christmas today from my Mom. I can't wait to use it but I'll have to wait until I have more time.


I got the Coolest Hanging baskets for my kitchen. They purchased the 3 Baskets from Hobby Lobby and my Dad attached the Chains so I could hang them!!!

don't mind the Dishwasher Utensil basket, I was unloading my Dishwasher and got so excited I just had to post a picture!

Monday, December 17

Share a Square

I think this is a Fantastic idea and I really want to help out. This Link to This Eclectic Life shares all the details and the Pattern for the squares. As soon as I finish my scarf for Amy I will start making some squares.

Fabulous Fringed Scarf

I started this Fabulous Fringed Scarf this afternoon and I am about 45% of the way done already - It is going pretty fast. I am using Lion Brand Trellis Yarn Rainbow Colorway (Pattern is for Caron Brand Fabulous Yarn) the starting chain used a K Hook and The rest is crocheted with a J.

I always seem to modify patterns to my liking - I think the pattern says to Crochet 102 for the starting chain I think I might have added an additional 20 chains to the starting. I didn't really count and I really don't think you necessarily have to anyways, I will make it as long as I want and as wide as I want. I will only be adding fringe to the ends not along the sides.

This is for my Manager's Girlfriend for Christmas, she is such a nice girl and I thought she would enjoy something hand-made. He already bought one of my coin purses for her for Valentine's day this year so I think she will enjoy the Scarf!

Tuesday, December 11

Library Thing

I've been a member of Library Thing for One Week now and I think it's the coolest! I've already added over 300 of my Crochet Books/Leaflets to my Library! I even decided to become a Lifetime Member because My Crochet Library is always expanding and I have so many shelves in my actual Library at home to fill up!!!

Update: Christmas Cards!

I've received so many cards - 18 Cards so far, from the Crochet Club on eBay and My Fellow Villagers at Crochetville! I couldn't ask for better Crochet-Friends!!!

Sunday, December 2

Saturday, December 1

Christmas Cards

I have Received 4 Christmas Cards so far this year from my fellow Crocheters in the Crochet Club on eBay! I was just soo excited I had to share!