Wednesday, April 25

Update: Cali's Kitties!

Well my Mama kitty brought me a surprise yesterday, HER BABIES! I am pretty sure they were born around the 6th of April (which just happens to be my birthday) There are 3 Females and 1 Male - They have their eyes open!

Don't mind the mess, they are in the garage, it has a dirt floor!

Female - Calico - CJ (short for Cali Junior)

Female - Black and White

Female - Brown/Black Calico

Male - Black and White

Update: Bubbles Baby Blanket

Well as I had hoped I finished the blanket the next day (23rd), I've just now had a chance to post an update! I still need to weave in the ends but that shouldn't be too hard! I used 1 skein plus a partial skein of each color. It measures 28" Wide x 31.5" Long.

I think it would make a good carrier cover or Stroller blankie. Just the right size for a bassinet.

I would like to make another baby blanket (maybe not necessarily the same style) in yellow and blue, or yellow and green. We Will see!

Sunday, April 22

Bubbles Baby Blanket

I've started a Bubbles Baby Blanket with the Bernat Baby Coordinates I got off of I'm using the Pink and Purple and an N Hook. It's going pretty fast and it's soooo soft and very pretty!

Hopefully I can finish it today or tomorrow.

Monday, April 9


3-19: I started my 3SUB (3-Strand Ugly Blanket) yesterday and I used 51 Balls already!

I started with a Full tote of yarn I've used 1/4 of it!

4-4: I am on row 59, my 3SUB is 78" Tall by 43" Wide- I've got a little more than a 1/4 left in my Tote of Yarn! I Do not think I will be able to finish this afghan with the scraps in this tote, I'm sure I can find more scrap balls though! I will Be sure to keep you posted!

Entire Afghan, it is Definitely Unique

Close Up of Afghan

A Little over 1/4 of a Tote Left! Gettin' Down to the Nitty Gritty! The Scrap Balls I've been using are definitely Bigger than what I started with!

4-9: Well I ended up going to my Shed and getting More Scrap Yarn for my 3SUB (I was down to about 25 balls or so) I finished the afghan with 93 rows! I can't seem to find a tape measure so I'll measure it some other time! It fits accross my Queen Size Bed Great! I think I am now going to make a Pillow Sham to match!

3 Weeks for a Queen Size Afghan Not Too Shabby!

Friday, April 6

Happy Birthday to ME!!!

I got my Amazon Yarn today and I went to the Local Second Hand Shop and I got a Bunch of Crochet Thread!